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Ten Critical Laws of Relationships-Hardcvr
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Ten Critical Laws of Relationships-Hardcvr (4031)

By Robb D. Thompson

Why am I here? Is there a purpose for my life? Is there a specific assignment that I am supposed to fulfill? How do I discover this assignment? And once I do, how can I ever make it come to pass?

Do you find these questions stirring within you? If so, you have found the right book, because Dr. Robb Thompson has discovered a dynamic key that will revolutionize your life. Here is the key: The single most important factor that defines your future is the relationships you embrace. Those closest to you determine the outcome of your life.

The Ten Critical Laws of Relationship will enable you to maximize every relationship in your life. You will begin to recognize the special people God strategically assigned to your life to be divine links to your future and to advance you to a higher level of personal effectiveness.

Learn these laws. Practice them, and you will unlock the door to your purpose, your assignment, and your future!

Table of Contents

What Other Leaders Are Saying
Foreword by Dr. Mike Murdock
1 The Law of Agreement
2 The Law of Access
3 The Law of Covenant
4 The Law of Single Purpose
5 The Law of Exclusivity
6 The Law of Transparency
7 The Law of Mutual Benefit
8 The Law of Sacrifice
9 The Law of Synergy
10 The Law of Ascent

Course ID: THE 307 Wisdom and Ethics for Interrelationships

Now accepting applications for admission; apply today at www.danelinstitute.org

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